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What is the BillMeLater payment option?
Paypal Bill Me Later

Bill Me Later is a simple, flexible credit line that gives you more time to pay. Add it to your Paypal Account and get more time. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with PayPal’s security and reliability. It’s fast and easy – no credit card to enter and approval just takes seconds.

How do I apply for the BillMeLater?

Go to 


Once you’re at the site, you’ll see a blue box on the right labeled “Account Access”. Since you don’t already have a Bill Me Later account, click on “New to Bill Me Later? Apply Now” at the bottom of the box.


Once you click on the Apply Now, another screen will come up with a big blue button in image area.  Click that button.


A pop-up box will appear and you now have the choice to log into your existing PayPal account, if you have one; or, you can create your PayPal account by selecting that option.  


After that, just follow the instructions and it takes only about a minute to complete the process and about another minute for the credit approval process.   Do select the "Yes, make BillMeLater my preferred way to pay through Paypal (see image).  


Once you're set-up and approved, then all you have to do is choose the BillMeLater option for payments when using your Paypal account.  It's that easy and simple!


Paypal Bill Me Later
Paypal Bill Me Later
Paypal Bill Me Later

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