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Service is an important part of what Spin City Cycles offers. Our mechanics are capable of fixing all types of bicycles, from vintage to the latest in road bicycles. We offer basic service up to a complete overhaul of your bicycle at a reasonable price.


Each new bicycle is professionally assembled and adjusted correctly before being displayed for sale. All bikes are also road tested by our mechanic and the entire build process can take anywhere from 2 hours to a whole day. With our offer of free adjustments during the first 6 months of use, you can feel assured that you will have a safe and comfortable bicycle for your riding enjoyment.


Just like taking your car to the shop, every so often your bike will need adjustments or replacement parts. When you bring it to Spin City Cycles, we'll provide you with a clear estimate of your charges for nearly every possible scenario. We approach repairs as we would a new bike assembly, assuring your bike is safe and fully functional. Whether you purchased the bicycle from us or not, we have the capability to repair it no matter the brand.

If the repairs are going to be overly expensive or it is questionable whether your bicycle can be repaired, we will let you know before proceeding. In some situations, it makes more sense to purchase a new bicycle rather than attempting to fix your existing bicycle. If we find something once we start we will contact you first, go over it with you, and get your approval before proceeding. Our service rates are very competitive and we stand behind the repair work that we have done for you. The following are our standard prices for various types of repairs. Bring your bike in and we'll be happy to give you a FREE estimate with no obligation.

  • Full Tune-Up: $85
  • Install Tube on Front Tire: $15
  • Install Tube on Rear Tire: $15
  • 1 Brake Adjustment: $15
  • 2 Brake Adjustments: $25
  • Install Chain: $10
  • Install Cassette: $10
  • Wheel True: $15-30 plus parts
  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment: $15
  • Front Derailleur Adjustment: $15
  • Bottom Bracket Repair: $25 plus parts
  • Hub Bearing Replacement: $25 plus parts
  • Wrap Handlebars: $10-15 plus tape


We recognize that there is a certain level of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in being able to fix things yourself. When it comes to you and your bike, you may simply want to know how to check your tire pressure, change a flat or oil a chain while others may want to perform their own maintenance. There are numerous resources available online that will demonstrate every conceivable repair, adjustment or upgrade. Many manufacturers will post technical manuals with detailed procedures and recommendations of why you should take your bike to a shop and let the pro’s take care of you.

However, we strongly encourage your learning as much about your bike as you can and taking on as much maintenance as you feel comfortable with doing. We’ll always be there to help out when you need us. Here are some simple guidelines we recommend you follow with any repair:

  1. If you don’t know what you are doing, ask the shop owner where you bought your bike about the installation process.

  2. Have the instructions with you at the time of repair and read them thoroughly before picking up the first tool.

  3. Work Clean. Lay out your work area and make sure you have enough room.

  4. Plan out the task ahead of time. Have all of the tools and parts ready and available before you start.

  5. Do the work when you have time and not right before a ride.

  6. Ride your bike cautiously after you work on it. Check it out thoroughly until you are confident everything checks out before resuming normal rides.

  7. Take your bike and the new part back to the shop if you have problems with the installation or repair.

  8. It is better to pay for a repair than ride a bike that has become unsafe.

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